Dr. Cam Warner

Cam grew up in the Puget Sound area, and decided that dentistry was for him during college, after shadowing his childhood dentist. He attended Santa Clara University in California, then moved back to Seattle and worked as a dental assistant for Doctor Ryan before going to dental school, the top-rated University of the Pacific. Returning to the Pacific Northwest after dental school was a no-brainer for Doctor Cam – he loves the outdoors, and takes every chance he can get to go mountain biking or skiing.

After being exposed to how other office’s work, Doctor Cam appreciates the uniqueness of The New Face of Dentistry.  And what a good fit for his easy-going, relaxed personality. He says, “The humanistic approach and atypical office provide a great atmosphere to be able to practice dentistry”. Doctor Cam’s dental passion is restoring teeth to their original glory, and takes great pride in being able to make a filling “disappear” and blend in with the surrounding teeth.