Dr. Ryan Tennant

Other kids wanted to be an astronaut or a dancer when they grew up, but Ryan knew he wanted to be a dentist when he was 10, and kept to that dream. He was a dental assistant during his late teens and early twenties, and then quit so he could go to dental school and do the work he really wanted.  Off he went to the University of Nevada Las Vegas for the undergrad program, then went to the top-rated University of Pacific dental school. He graduated with honors (because he’s that awesome), and received awards for his clinical skills.

Doctor Ryan says that he’s most interested in the cosmetic arena of dentistry, and he tries to look at every treatment, from small fillings to full-mouth rehabilitations, as a cosmetic case. People always notice your smile so of course it should be thought of as a cosmetic case!

Doctor Ryan says that root canals are “a very close second” with regard to his interest and excitement level. Having the person who is performing the root canal be the one interested and excited by them? Best thing ever.

He wanted to make a difference in the way dental offices did business, taking the practice away from the usual straight-laced clinical approach and turning it into a more casual and personal experience where the patient is included. Voila, The New Face of Dentistry was created, with friendly staff and a warm and inviting atmosphere